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Enjoy Effortless Michelin and James Beard Winning Restaurant Experiences at Home Anywhere in America

Each Month, a New Collaboration

Each month, the most sought-after and exciting restaurants in America create a dinner party feast for you to enjoy at home. Feasts are designed to be shared with guests and feed 2, 4, 8, or 12 people.‍

Plate, Serve, & Impress Your Guests

With our precision packaging, it’s easy to reheat and plate each meal like a pro, and in about half an hour. Our team will guide you through each step, teach you a new trick or two, and help you create a memorable restaurant experience right in your own home.

Restaurant Quality Dinner Parties at Home

Our feasts are prepared with the finest ingredients, many of which are only available to the best restaurants. Experience the exacting standards, refined techniques, and elevated hospitality of our renowned restaurants in your home with friends and family.

Not Familiar with Moveable Feast?

Moveable Feast brings the magic of Michelin-starred and James Beard-awarded restaurants directly to your home. We collaborate with America's most celebrated chefs to curate exclusive feasts, transforming your home dining into a gourmet event. Each month, we offer a unique feast that embodies culinary innovation and artistry, ready to be easily finished and served in your own kitchen. Join us to explore a world of exquisite flavors and unforgettable dining experiences, all from the comfort of your home.
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Early Access to

Secure your spot for our in-demand feasts before they're open to the public.

Unrivaled Culinary Experiences

Enjoy Members-only access to exclusive culinary events in collaboration with our Michelin and James Beard-winning restaurant partners.

Members Only Exclusive Offers

Enjoy not only insider access, but also receive special members only promotions, discounts, and gifts as a token of our appreciation.
Our Curated Membership Options
Seasonal $900.00
Seasonal memberships are perfect for those who plan to receive or gift a few experiences from Moveable Feast each year. Enjoy pre-sale access to limited reservations dates ahead of the general public, and bonus credits for your Moveable Feast house account. Seasonal members receive: 
  • $100 bonus credit ($1,000 total)
  • Pre-sale access to reservations two days prior to the general public 
  • Invitations to members-only culinary events featuring unique collaborations with our restaurant partners


PX Membership $5,000.00
A PX in the industry is a “personne extraordinaire.” A PX is a regular customer and the lifeblood of our restaurants. PX Members receive first-in-line access to reservations for our monthly dinner parties at home, reservations to dine in our partner restaurants, and generous account bonuses to frequently enjoy Moveable Feast experiences. Our PX Members receive:
  • $1,000 bonus credit ($6,000 total)
  • Pre-sale access to reservations four days prior to the general public 
  • First in line for invitations to members-only culinary events featuring unique collaborations with our restaurant partners
  • Access to Moveable Feast’s dedicated concierge service to assist with priority reservations with any of our partner restaurants

PX Membership